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  • CNL is a Logopedic web founded by Mr. Oscar Aliste Álvarez who is a Logopedist with an extensive experience in logopedic rehabilitation and specializes in neuropsychological disorders.

  • CNL is responsible for the rehabilitation of children, adults and old people, of the following disorders:

Speech disorders:

Dysphemia, dyslalia, dysarthria and dysglossia.

Language disorders:   

Dysphasia, aphasia, delayed language development, dyslexia, Dysgrammatism, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.               

Voice disorders:


Diction for professionals:   

Aimed at teachers, actors, singers and professional media, radio, etc, who want to improve or vary their diction to perform their work.


  • CNL found in a direct and close its professionals, covering the rehabilitation of the pathologies of a custom.

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